Trip to Rome

January 24, 2019


We went to visit my grandparents and part of the family in Rome for Christmas and New Year and even if there's been some high and lows in the meantime, I always appreciate some time with my crazy family (crazy in a nice way LOL). 


Anyway, we spent most of the time staying home relaxing, watching Disney movies and the two best things I can think of about Christmas: FOOD (surprised?!)  and GAMES! 


Games for our family during festivities are a must as much as food (I mean food always comes first, let's not joke on that!) . From many card games to tombola, we are all very competitive but there's assured laughter all around.


Surely I cannot forget about our traditional Monopoli shenanigans with my cousins, which is a good memory and tradition to keep up - after holidays I get very sentimental! I do really miss having everyone living just hours away and seeing everyone more often, hopefully it will be possible more often this year. 


Apart from games and food, we did venture outside the house couple of times to go to Rome. The  first time we ventured in Rome, we visited the Vatican Museum on a free entry day, and let me tell you that the queue was no joke!! 

We got there just before eight and was actually a quite cold and windy morning, but luckily it took us just a couple of hours to get in.


I was pretty excited to be there (considering the early rise hahaha!), anyway we got directly for the Sistine Chapel, passing by amazing rooms full of amazing coloured frescoes and the architecture of the building - I was pretty amazed by "The School of Athens" by Rapahel. However when we got to the Chapel it was very crowded and apart from " The Last Judgment" which was impressive, I was pretty disappointed by the size of some of Michelangelo's paintings, mostly after looking at them on history of arts book where they looked giant - they gave me a much higher expectation. Nonetheless, it's something to see at least once in life for sure! 


However my favourite part was the Egyptian museum for sure. Since I was young I have always been very interested in history and mostly Egyptian and roman one, so when I have an occasion to visit or watch a documentary about it, I never lose the opportunity.


Just after New Year, after much more relax, games and loads of food in our belly, we ventured to Rome again to see the Pixar Exhibit for their thirty years anniversary which was held in "Palazzo delle Esposizioni". 


Being very passionate about animation since I was very young and still having the dream of becoming one some day, it felt like the right occasion and mostly fell right on time while we were visiting, so my mom proposed us to go all together. 


Storyboards from "The incredibles" 


It was a mix of storyboards, small sculptures, drawings and paintings from most of the Pixar's movies. The building that held the exhibit with its grand arches and light colours was the perfect place to put spotlights on this small treasures, because at the end they are art themselves. 


 Storyboards from "Up"


My favourite part would surely be the Zoetrope, which explains the basic on how animation works. Small sculptures gets positioned on a board and then with the help of a strobo light, the succession of the sculptures creates the illusion of movement. You can watch a video of it just here, to make yourself an idea. 


This has been one of my favourite part for sure and we then ended the day at a speciality coffee shop called "Faro" were we had a delicious coffee and an afternoon treat before going back home for dinner.  



Kudos for sure to my mum for organising this short gateways with my sisters and cousin! 

What did you guys do for Christmas and New Year? 


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