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Spring bucket list

February 22, 2019

Spring is still a good month away, but in the last couple of days the weather has been so warm and the trees and flowers seem to be ready to start sprouting. The weather seems good for change and ready to give some new challenges and creates some new projects. 


I always love to have a list ready to get some stuff done and the beginning of a new season doesn't surely go not acknowledged. So spring will hopefully bring many positive things for everyone! Have you got any plans coming up for this next months? 


Those are my bucket lists points for this spring coming: 


-travel with my family to Barcellona: so we are packing up with my parents and my cousin flying from Rome and my sisters and me from London and meeting in Barcellona for Easter's weekend. We have already been there for a quick three days but my mum always wanted to go there, so we took the chance and booked, ready to make some new memories all together; 


-visit Berlin: call it as embarrassing and stupid it can be, but the three of us decided that this year we would visit loads of places starting with B (the B travelling - sounds like a good name) and Fred had been gifted some ticket for Berlin in May and we just all joined in! Berlin has been on my list for quite long and the coffee scene there is always evolving and I'm real excited. If you guys have any suggestions on where to go, please leave it in the comments, they would be surely appreciated; 


-visit something new around England: This week we are actually heading to Bristol thanks to Fred participating at UK Brewers Championship, so Simona and I jumped in as usual and are ready to spend a weekend in Bristol, trying whichever bakery or food we find around. This will hopefully be just one of many stops for this new year;


-have time for picnic with friends: last spring and summer we had many opportunities to spend time with friends and food, sitting on the grass and sunbathing and I hope this year can bring more of this fond memories and good weather;


-shop at the farmers market more often: I haven't had many chances in the last months but hope to get back at going to the market on a Saturday morning really soon! I love the fact that I can get the veggies and fruits I need locally and mostly without plastic; 


-stay more outdoor: that is time spent for picnic, long walks or ice cream dates, the days are getting so warm and sunny that you can't stay inside and missing the flowers blooming! 

-going through my TBR: it's probably more of a long year run, but I want try and read most of the books I know, before I buy new ones. I'm sure there will be exception for books that i was waiting for or series, but until now it's been two months without any new bought book - which to me is surprising! Usually after a bad day at work or payday I spend some time at the bookshop to get something.;


-have a movie or series marathon: last year we started watching together more than two series with multiple season and i enjoyed so much finishing the day all together having a laugh - so I want to treasure this moments more and more;


I do really hope this spring will help me to reconnect with myself, my body, the people I love and what is around me. Mostly I hope it will give me some new challenges and opportunities! What are your point for your spring bucket list? 

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